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Commercial Real-Estate Financing

Finding the Right Real Estate Financing Package for Your Company

Is this your first time entering the commercial real estate market? Well, you’re about to discover that with the excitement of purchasing a new commercial property, comes an equal amount of stress to find the right type of financing. The wrong funding tool can quickly turn your transaction into a financial nightmare. We at Rodino & Associates know this well, which is why our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have as much information regarding the many financing options available, as possible. After all, your ability to make the most informed decision is very important.

Offering You Several Funding Options

Every company brings its own unique background into a commercial real estate purchase. Oftentimes, traditional lending tools simply won’t meet your needs. That’s OK; we have relationships with a wide selection of lenders for you to choose from who offer the following types of financing:

  • Conventional loan programs: The lenders we work with offer conventional loans up to $100 million at rates as lows as 3.75 percent on a wide range of commercial properties.
  • Government loans: Federal loan programs such as HUD and FHA offer non-recourse financing on select properties. Depending on your company’s profile and the property being considered, you could get anywhere between $2 million – $50 million.
  • Commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS): Thanks to our vast network of lending partners, we are one of the few financial firms out there that still knows how you to secure CMBS options.
  • Equity and mezzanine financing: Again, due to the many private lenders with whom we’re associated, we can line you up with the right capital source to help secure you up to $100 million towards your purchase.

Many of the lenders we recommend offer construction financing, as well as bridge loans, to help you upgrade from your current location. Our relationships with several different lenders from all over the world can even help you in international markets.

Discovering which of the many commercial real estate financing options is right for you and your company needn’t be a difficult task, provided you have the right lending partner. Rodino & Associates is that partner. The years of collective experience that our team shares in helping clients in your same situation will serve you as well as help you contemplate your decision. To learn more about how we can help you find  the right financing package, give us a call today.

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