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Healthcare and Medical Financing

Better Commercial Health Through Better Commercial Financing

Health practitioners such as veterinarians, chiropractors, doctors, and dentists whose practices need a financial booster shot are ideal candidates for a healthcare financing program. Specific uses for  medical lending programs include equipment financing, expansion loans, consolidating debt, and partner or practice acquisition loans.

Improve Your Practice’s Cash Flow

If you need general use working capital, we can help you there as well. Our lending experts can help you find terms up to 72 months without the need for you to make an upfront payment. What’s more is the lender won’t report your financing to a personal credit bureau. Examples of what you might want to use your injection of cash for include:

  • Growing your practice
  • Personal commercial needs
  • Improving your practice
  • Covering payroll when the insurance company takes too long to reimburse you

If you like, we can also help you secure medical equipment leasing, a healthcare financing option that includes several different payment options, and as much as 50 percent for all your soft costs. You also have the option for simultaneous financing and leasing.

Practice Acquisition

If you have a desire to buy out one of your current practice partners or buy into a practice, let Rodino & Associates give you a helping hand. If you’re a qualified health practitioner, we know of programs that offer you 100 percent financing.

To learn more about medical lending programs or any of the other lending solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us now!