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Referrals and Brokers

All Referrals and Brokers Welcome

All professional brokers and referrals are welcome to either submit or preview a transaction with Rodino & Associates. We strive to make sure we offer the very best of referral fees and commissions for business deals we help fund. While we are also able to assist with larger projects and transactions, we prefer to be in direct contact with your client. No need to worry, your deal will remain in your hands every step of the way. Should that client come back later wanting to do business with us, we’ll gladly refer her or him right back to you. You’ll be held in the highest regard while you participate in our referral and broker program, and you’ll receive the absolute best of protection as well.

The Finer Points of Our Broker and Referral Program

When you become part of our program, you’ll become a member of an expanding company, one that has become recognized all across the United States. No longer will you have to bother working with an employer who lacks the financing resources or capabilities you need to make sure your deals are successfully funded.

At Rodino & Associates, you don’t have to worry about putting in hours and hours, possibly days and weeks, of work only to be compensated with just a slight percentage of the full commission.

Once you’ve joined our referral and broker program:

  • You’ll become a member of a talented and highly dedicated team of industry pros.
  • You’ll also have someone standing behind you who is more than ready, willing and able to take exemplary care of your clients and/or commercial vendors.
  • We give you the ability to work wherever you like with the full support of our financing tools and industry identity.

Don’t waste another moment of your career working with a company that doesn’t seem to have your best interest in mind. Call us today for more information.

A Premier Provider of Service Excellence

The right financing partner will offer you much than mere access to business loans. Rather, the experience it brings to the table should be able to guide you in your decisions to help set up with the ideal financing option for each of your individual business initiatives. You’ll find all of that and more when you choose us here at Rodino & Associates to be that partner. To obtain a no-obligation assessment of your company’s current financing needs, give us a call

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