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Merchant Cash Advance

Explore Your Options With a Merchant Cash Advance

If you believe your business is lacking the financial reserves it needs to grow, the commercial lending experts at Rodino & Associates specialize in helping you understand merchant cash advances. The way a merchant cash advance works is you receive an upfront sum of either capital or cash in return for a percentage of your company’s future credit card sales. Our sources can supply you with a cash advance against your current merchant account for as much as $200,000 for each of your physical commercial locations.

Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve found that a great deal of business owners do not fully understand the ramifications of this type of financing.  Often the payment plans are too aggressive (daily and weekly bank draws are the norm). More times than not, we are refinancing businesses to get out of Merchant Cash Advances because an uninformed business owner was guided into a poor choice when they were in a desperate situation.  However, there are occasions when this type of financing is appropriate.

The benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance are that once you’ve been set up, you can have access to your influx of working capital within seven days, possibly fewer.

Cash Advance Program Highlights

There are plenty of advantages for you to enjoy once you receive your merchant cash advance. Examples include:

  • An easy and efficient way for you to pay back your advance.
  • No application fee to worry about, nor are there closing costs.
  • Your advance won’t cause you to lose equity.
  • You won’t be tied down with fixed payments.

A Rodino & Associates representative is standing by if you’re interested in learning more about business cash advances. Contact us today for more information.