Rodino and Associates

Consumer Financing

Help Your Customers Finance Their Dreams

No matter how outstanding the product or service you offer is, if your customers are unable to afford it, it does little to boost your bottom line. You could reduce your prices, but then you’re forced into finding revenue in other areas, such as service fees or hidden surcharges. Ultimately, all these tactics do is reduce the collective consumer’s confidence in your company. Consider instead the benefit of offering your clients a financing option. The Consumer Finance program that Rodino & Associates recommends can provide you with these options.

This program offers several incentives for your customers to choose the financing program you can offer them. They can enjoy benefits such as zero percent introductory rates, six-months-same-as-cash-options, and credit building assistance. On-the-spot approvals allow them to leave with their items or service the same day, and flexible repayment schedules help them afford products over the long-term.

Our Associates Will Handle the Back-End Work

The benefits of this program aren’t limited to your clientele. The chief concern that most companies have about offering consumer financing is having to deal with the added back-end work. Not to worry; our associates handle those functions for you, including:

  • Assuming your current “in-house” financing portfolio
  • Manage revolving credit agreements
  • Handling all bad-debt collections

Your decision to offer your customers financing for your products and/or services is one that can pay off exponentially. To learn more about the financing options Rodino & Associates recommends for your clients, contact us today.