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Making Sense of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans may have had a dubious reputation in some quarters, but they represent the kind of lending that has helped thousands of real estate investors achieve their dreams. To those suspicious of the concept, hard money lenders may resemble those who gave the lending industry a bad reputation[…]

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6 Tax Preparation Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Are you a small business owner struggling to get ready for tax season, swearing that you will be better organized next year? Whether you have been in business for several years or you are just getting started, here are six mistakes to avoid with tax preparation. Overlooking Car Deductions Although[…]

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Preparing To Apply For an SBA Loan

Thanks to the U.S. Small Business Administration, many entrepreneurs can qualify for a commercial loan that is backed by the federal government. However, getting an SBA loan is not exactly easy and it can be difficult to decide if it is the right choice for your business. If you are[…]

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Filling in Financing Gaps With Bridge Loans

From time to time, many real estate investors find themselves in need of short-term loans to help fill gaps as other, long-term options become available. Loans such as this are known as bridge loans for the simple reason that they literally bridge the time and space needed to help other[…]

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Alternative Financing Solutions for New Businesses

Traditional bank loan methods are often unattractive for new business people, especially since the Great Recession has left such a terrible, lasting impression. Afraid to take on more than they can handle, many people with amazing business ideas seek innovative alternative financing options to work with their modern perspective. Equipment[…]

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The Biggest Benefits of AR Financing

Many business owners recognize the benefits of AR financing, but others may just be learning the term. Among the benefits that are most often lauded by those who have discovered the many ways that such financing can help their businesses are decreased office hours invested in chasing payments, lower office[…]

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A Premier Provider of Service Excellence

The right financing partner will offer you much than mere access to business loans. Rather, the experience it brings to the table should be able to guide you in your decisions to help set up with the ideal financing option for each of your individual business initiatives. You’ll find all of that and more when you choose us here at Rodino & Associates to be that partner. To obtain a no-obligation assessment of your company’s current financing needs, give us a call

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