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Why You Should consider Purchasing Multifamily Properties

While many investors in rental properties prefer single-family units, multifamily properties provide diverse opportunities that should not be ignored. Investors who purchase such real estate often find that the market for rental is much higher than it might be for similar single-family units. The idea that those renters who seek[…]

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Understanding The Basics of Mezzanine Financing

In many lending situations, there is simply a borrower and a mortgage lender, but in some situations a mid-level lender can be included to help fortify the financial power for greater flexibility. In such cases, an agreement must be struck not only with the borrower, but also between the primary[…]

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Equity Financing and How It Differs From Traditional Loans

When shares in a company are sold to investors in order to raise capital, equity financing has ensured the cash flow. There are many benefits to equity financing, including vested contributors, investor input, and business owner debt freedom. Because the investment returns are directly paid to each shareholder, the business[…]

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An Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Loans

When it comes to successful business practices, commercial buildings are often overlooked as a lucrative source of income. Furthermore, there are different types of loans that can assist property owners with leasing, maintenance and foreclosure. To understand how financing can help you generate more revenue, take a moment to review[…]

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5 Tricks for Getting Business Lines of Credit

Acquiring business lines of credit can be crucial to ensuring that your small business thrives. These financing opportunities help to ensure that your short-term cash flow is consistent so that you can meet a wide variety of obligations. As with any other loan type, a few key tips can help[…]

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Owner Occupied Properties: The Biggest Advantages

One of the most recent trends in the real estate industry is owner occupied properties, a cost effective solution for homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you are trying to generate more income for future investments or you are simply looking to consolidate your living expenses, here are four reasons to[…]

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What to Look for When Purchasing Funeral Homes

Although funeral homes have been an integral part of society for many years, most people overlook the practical aspects of succession planning and sustainability for this type of business. Fortunately, lenders are taking a proactive stance on financing to encourage private ownership. Whether you are new to this field or[…]

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5 Business Accounting Hacks

Running a business involves a multiplicity of tasks in a given day, and the many jobs you have to do may become overwhelming. Taking charge of your business accounting is an activity that deserves priority, since preventing your finances from falling in the red is essential to keep your business[…]

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How to Get Working Capital for Your New Business

Are you trying to generate working capital for your business? Overseeing daily operations can be strenuous, but juggling lenders is a major obstacle that can hinder the development of a business. That is why you should take the time to learn about alternative resources like credit suppliers and vendor financing.[…]

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What Not to Do When Applying for SBA Loans

Are you interested in getting a small business loan, but don’t know how to get approved? Many people hit a stalemate when they reach this point because they are too afraid to get rejected. If SBA loans seem like the best option for you, there are several mistakes you need[…]

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