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What Not to Do When Applying for SBA Loans

Are you interested in getting a small business loan, but don’t know how to get approved? Many people hit a stalemate when they reach this point because they are too afraid to get rejected. If SBA loans seem like the best option for you, there are several mistakes you need to avoid to increase your chances of approval.

Lack of Cash

When you apply for a loan, lenders want to know if you can afford to pay it back. Unfortunately, many business owners cannot receive funding due to an insufficient amount of cash. Calculate cash flow before you speak with a lender to evaluate your current financial situation. This gives you a chance to reassess your budget and eliminate burdensome expenses.

Unrealistic Expectations

Another common misstep during the application process is an unrealistic vision of the future. While it is important to express your passion for development, lenders want to hear a viable plan that is both ambitious and low risk. If you have big dreams for your business, be prepared to back them up with evidence that you can generate consistent profits.

Sloppy Presentation

Applying for SBA loans requires a certain level of finesse as well. Like a job interview, you should dress professionally and supply all relevant documentation. Pitch your ideas confidently and present yourself to potential lenders as a responsible, organized entrepreneur. You should also be able to field questions about the structure of your business.

Crippling Credit

In addition, bad credit can have disastrous results when it comes to getting a loan. Whether you are dealing with medical debt or legal issues, you have two options – look for alternative financing or fix your credit. If you are still determined to get a loan, startup plans will have to be delayed until your credit has been repaired.

Attitude of Defeat

Finally, leave any negativity behind when you meet with a lender. If you have been rejected by other institutions, a positive attitude can make a significant impact on your presentation. Even the greatest minds in business have been turned away by conventional lenders after a less than impressive pitch. View rejection as an opportunity to improve and don’t hesitate to try again after a thorough examination of your finances.

In the end, SBA loans are not easy to qualify for, but they are a great source of funding for small business owners. Just remember to stay calm and keep these errors out of the equation.

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